About AAC® Block

What is AAC® Block?

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete

AAC® blocks are Lightweight, Non-Load bearing, High-insulating, Durable building products, which are produced in a wide range of sizes and strengths.
One size of block is equivalent to seven(7) pieces of common bricks.

Usage Applications:

  • Internal and external walls
  • Residential units
  • Commercial units

Building Applications:

  • High Rise Buildings
  • School / Universities
  • Shopping Malls
  • Factories
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals

AAC® Block Advantages

AAC® Block Specifications

Why is AAC® Better?

1) Environment Friendly

A non-toxic product which does not pollute the air, land, or water. All wastes from the manufacturing process are recyclable and are reused.

2) Green Building

AAC® Blocks uses far less energy to energy to manufacture and because of its lightweight properties, it reduces the costs of transportation.

3) Long Lasting

AAC® Blocks are highly superior in terms of its strength. The high level of strength in the blocks provide higher stability.

4) Structural Saving

AAC® Blocks are very light, thus, it reduces the overall dead weight. These blocks also reduces the consumption of steel and saves up to 25% of foundation costs.

5) Faster Construction

Installation time is significantly reduced due to fewer amounts of blocks, resulting in a reduced finishing time.

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